Sunday, 1 July 2012

Mia's Forest Bottle


Mia's forest bottle, also a stamp bottle.

Because I want to let it not only just a stamp,

Also because I want stamp to have it's home.

When I saw this bottle, the first thinking in my head is:

I want my stamp living in here!

Therefore, the forest bottle started to build up.





Every bottle has a little forest inside, and every forest is different.

Some is with red roof and some is with blue, some is tall and some is fat.

There is also green leaf, flower or stone, even you could find a squirrel.

All of them are waiting you to discover the lovely point of this forest.




Who live in this forest? You asked.



It's the CAT, cat lives here!

She is flying around this little forest which belongs to her.





Yes. Stamp it, I want to give you a "Good Day" everyday.

Stamp was pinned by a pin on the cover.

Open the pin and you could easily take the stamp out.

Don't forget to put the stamp back by the pin, 

so that cat could go back to her forest and keep flying inside.



Turning it around, 

every angle of the bottle could be a view for you. 




 This little bottle is created for the market.

To make this idea come true, I spand a lot of time.

There are many problems need to be solved if need to put the stamp into the bottle.

 But I am glad that I made it and I am proude of it so far.

No matter the view of the bottle or the way to take the stamp, 

I all put my idea inside them and it did take a lot of time to do it.

 I hope you like this bottle, a 100% handmade bottle.

It is also one of my wish: combine illustration, handmade and hand-carving.

Wish every bottle that you took from the market was safe,

and hope you could take care of it to keep the view inside the bottle.

The green leaf may change to be withered and become a natural appearance.

But the wishes "Good Day" for you won't change forever.

Forest bottle will only sale in maket.

You will see it again when next market activity.

Of course, it will be little different based on the topic of the market!

Next article, Let me show you how fun of this maket!

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