Saturday, 14 July 2012

Little Handmade Market in Summer


 It was a lively little market in Angela's house on 30th June.

Finally, we had a sunny day that day!

Both the two market times before were all with bad weather,

one was cold cloudy day and one was big rainy day.

 However, we got SUN this day!

10am in the morning, lots people already showed up in the market.

This time, we also had more stands joining us.

Our new stand friends: Mydear, Koyu, and tzu-yun's Art classmate.

Oh~we had a highlight this day: Live Band Show!



 Last time I had a activity "let me drew a post card for you",

and that made me could only stick on the chair, drewing and drewing.

Because of it, I didn't have chance to talk or look around other stands.

Actually I got this idea was because I didn't prepare many goods last time,

so I though I could drewing so that my stand won't look empty.

But this time, I prepare a lot of stamp creations!

So I decided not to do "drew a post card".

I am sorry that some mother came with her child for the drewing post card,

and I didn't prepare to drew this time. I felt very sorry.

Next time I will tell everyone whether I will drew or not in advanced.

For market this time, I prepare forest bottle and stamp painting frame.



I brought 17 forest bottles, and three different theme stamp painting frame.

Also I prepared a market stamp for memento, let everyone stamp one!





Three theme stamp painting frame are all my recently creations.

They are also my favorite stamps.

I added some words and also the frame, to let the painting complete.

Through the stamp, colors and words, they become a painting.

Hope to touch your heart.


No matter how shine you are, take a rest is needed.

After break, keep shining tomorrow.


Let me give you a talismans for the raining day.

No matter it's raining for the weather or in your heart,

you can walk through it safely and smoothly.


Where is my home, where is my heart.

The most relaxed way is to go back home.








See you next market!

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