Sunday, 8 July 2012

Must Taste Watermelon in Summer


Summer time, the temperature is easily to reach 35C, 37C.

That makes people want to have something cold.


I like tropical plants especially because of the big leaf they have.

Monstera, also called window plant. I am attracted by its leaf.

The leaf is very interesting, there are holes on it.

I really like the hole on the leaf, so beautiful!

It looks like drops on the leaf, and the sunshine will pass through the hole.

I then carved the leaf as stamps, big one and small one.


Within the rainforest, let's have watermelon!

Red and juicy flash of fruit, makes people feel cool.

I think watermelon is the best creation in the world

to combine red and green together perfectly.

I remember that in summer day,  there are always

heve watermelonour in our refrigerator.

After the dinner, we could enjoy cool and nice watermelon.

That is so comfortable!


It is also the topic for stamp classroom in Hsinchu this month:

Summer carving stamp

We will also sew a coaster by the stamp we carved.

Because I know people like to have some cold drink,

and it should need a coaster to prevent water stains on the table.

Therefore, let us play stamp and coaster together!



I prepare 5 stamp cards for everyone.

Please leave a massage, sharing what you must do during summer.

I will pick up the lucky guys on this Friday.

Come to join us!

- Finished -

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