Saturday, 2 June 2012

Make tissue tape and circle on a thread spool!


 I got some small wooden thread spool on hand,

 so let's make something for fun!

First, I carved a stamp for the thread spool, not a formal one.

I choose not to use a pattern as we usually see for the thread spool.

But I try a pattern that with my illustration added.

I think it will be much more special!

It is a 2cm diameter circle pattern.



So, what going to circle on this thread spool?

Thread? Then it is too small.

I found that the thickness of the thread spool is just fit the width of tissue tape.

So, why don't we circle the tissue tape on it?

It was just a extreme work for circling the tape!

Because I need to stamp on part length of tape and then circle it on the thread spool.

It is not allowed for mistakes because you can not cut the tape.

And before you circle the tape you need to make sure the ink is 100% dry.

However, this little tissue tape really took me a lot of time to complete.

But I am not sure it is because the tape I used or the ink,

the color is easily fade by sticky tape even the ink is dry.

And that makes the pattern blurred on the tissue tape.

However, the fisrt one just finished that way.

Maybe next time I could find a way to solve this problem.



 A red line was passed through the thread spool

so that the end of tape could stick on it.

Therefore you don't need to find the start of the tape everytime.





The pattern on the tape is my cat and the sun.

I stamped one up one down, one move forward one move backward.

So sometime, the sun shows up  and sometime the cat shows up.


And this is the original looking for this stamp.

Yes, the sun will sleep over the night. :)


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