Saturday, 5 May 2012

The little world in the stamp


Just a spur of the moment, I want to make a cat frame stamp.

As usual, I hold my knife carving, turnung and digging.

When I took the burin to root out the piece of area inthe middle of the stamp,

"Why don't I do something in this area?" came to my mind.

Just like what I did for a bouquet stamp showed in my book,

I carved a rose inside the stamp.

Now this time, I do like to do something different!

Before doing this, you need to make sure it won't infloence the stamp pattern.

 Therefore the first step is to make the area lower.

Then the little world inside the stamp won't influence it's pattern.

No matter how you stamp it, the little world won't come out~

And then, I started to think what I want to have in this world.

As you can see, it is actually a coffee shop~

There are glass jars on the bar, cat boss is making a coffee now.

A lamp smoothly light on, the space is good and comfortable.

There is a good seat, come to have a seat and coffee!


The sunshine was good this afternoon.

I put the stamp one my balcony and let the sunshine light on it.

Every layers, every scratches are naturally showing up.

A little world of cat coffee shop is hiding secretly.


It is the pattern of this stamp.

You can only find the little in the stamp!


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