Friday, 6 April 2012

This is Mia and stamps recently


I am Mia.

I carved a Mia stamp for my Mia.

It is a girl, it is also a boy.

Although I am a girl who want to be pretty,

but I always wish I could be a handsome boy.

That's me, Mia.



I think it is a green flat field.

There are houses I loved which full of ideas I want to store.

There are pens which could bring me to any place I want to go.

There are my cat, rabbit and bear who always hlod a party for me.

Just turn on my Clockwork, we are full of power anytime!

19th April, I will give my first lecture this night.

I am going to talk about Mia and me, and the world of handmade, stamps.

I am really nervous! It is my first to talk about myself.

And then, I turned back to think what I have went through.

Then I drew down this pattern, as a little milestone for me.

For commemorating the amazing life I have went through, from nothing to something.


Following are some stamps made because mail.

First one is flying cat, there is a M on the flying boat.

Captain cat please must do your job to let the mail arrive safely!


Next is my address stamp.

I don't need to write down my address on every envelope.


I hope you like this and I hope my lecture goes well!

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