Saturday, 17 March 2012

With our hand-carved stamp party!


What's party? Hand-carved Stamp Party!


It all thanks to eva's stamp class in Hsinchu. She will come to Hsinchu.

Since everyone wanted to meet Eva, so why don't we just have a party!

That day Eva told me: how about a party? Sure, of course I said!

And our party theme would be PARTY! And let's carve stamp together!

We discussed, everyone need to bring a stamp work that related to PARTY.

Also we will carve rubber stamp together and make it as a gift for exchanging.

That's why I made a "Forest Party" work.

And our party was hold at Pain de mie, a coffee shop in Hsinchu.


Unfortunately, the day was a raining day.

I went to pick up another Eva firstly and then went to pain de mie together.

When we got there, Eva was still teaching in her class.

To avoid to bother them, another Eva and I have a seat ourselves and played our camera.

However, looking those groceries around could make us busy for a while.

Then, page and goofy got here!

And our party was going to start~




Eva Blume:Eva Blume

 My "pot" was too conspicuous actually.

Because there is a glass cover and it need to be very careful when shipping.

I then wrapped it to be a very huge package.

And before I open it, I need to adjust all the positions of stamps.

Hmm...Eva who brought out the party work idea didn't do her work for this party!

Okay, I forgive her since she had class need to prepare and I know it is very hard.

I would like to keep others stamp works secretly.

Let them show their works to you!



I really love matcha latte, not only because it is delicious but also it is green!

This is really the color I most love.

Eva Blume and I all choose to have a matcha latte.



We enjoyed everyone's stamps and talked to each other.

But the plan originally: to carve stamps together as a gift for exchanging,

we didn't make it since we were too happy in talking.

However, if we carved stampe we won't be able to talk since curving we really need to be focus.

We not only talked about rubber stamps but also talked about life.

Actually to seat here and talk to each other is not easy for us.

Usually we knew each other on the Internet but we didn't knew much about each other.

Therefore, an opportunity like this was very awesome.



Since we were here, let us have a look around this store!

It is a good place for people to gether.

Do you notice there are many wreaths in this store?

They are all very cute and decorated around.

Also there are many groceries came from Japan.

You could also find some handmade creations, 

such as soap, succulent plants and hand-carved rubber stamps.

That makes people feel like there is vitality in this space.





So happy to have this party together.

Next time, we will accomplish the plan to carve stamps.

Thank you, for giving me a wonderful afternoon time.

Thank you, Ms. litchi, let us sharing in your dream house.


 Pain de mie

Coffee / Groceries / Handmade Classroom

am11:00~pm7:00 (不定休)

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