Sunday, 11 March 2012

Forest Party!


Eva said: Let us have a stamp party together!

And the theme for this party is "Party!"

I then decided to make something for this party.

It is just called "Forest Party"! Let's have a look.



At first, I just wanted to make many animal stamps for the party.

 But I started to think: stamps themselves could be somthing too.

Then I try to look around and I found this glass cake cover!

What a wonderful stage for my animals stamps!

Let us hold a foret party inside this wood stage!




I put some green wool to make it like a forest.

Actually I bought this wool just because it is green

but don't know when I could use it.

It is really good to find a way to use my green wool!

The most wanted to put in the center of the stage is a house.

Especially a little pottery house! But I don't have one.

That's okay because a pine cone also fit to the forest!



Celebration flags were hung in the forest.

Do you find that animals all put colorful hats on their heads?


Giraffe, elephant and squirrel are first time to show up.

I don't know why I choose to draw them, I just did.

Maybe it is because they all eat straw and love green like me.

 Put on the color clothes, let's party!




 About our stamp party, let me tell you next time!

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