Thursday, 7 February 2013

Let's Celebrate!


It's been a long time for me that didn't carve stamps.
And recently I just finished clean my room and my working place,
I then feel full of power that really want to do something.
However, I started to make some stamps!

It was my happy month in the January since my birthday was Jan..
So I draw a picture about "party" on the paper.
And I though...if I could make it to be a stamp, 
then I could keep the happy time for long and also share to friends.


First stamp I made was the main pattern in deep blue.
After that, the blue green one was made with the same size.

Usually I will stamp the main one and then the blue green pattern.
But I found the colors are different from my choice of which stamp firstly.
If I choose deep blue first and blue green later, 
then the color will become more close to the blue green.
And If I stamp the deep blue one later, it will be more what I want.
So I choose to stamp the blue green one and then the main pattern in deep blue.




 You can see the different from this picture.
The upper one is deep blue first, blue green later;
and the lower one is reverse.

Then I used a lightly gray green color, to separate the table.


Should come some red color  for this happy time.




 Some more yellow to make it colorful.
And I should stop here since it is enough.




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